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Notebook und Bleistift

Step 1: Collect information

The way you save the content of your lessons or lectures is of great importance for your success while studying. This chapter will show you how to get the most our of your notes and what to do if you need further explanations.

Notizen machen

Step 2 and 3: Your summary

Summarizing your notes has numerous advantages. You will call the content of your lectures back to mind, find out if you understood it and reduce it to the essential minimum. Therefore, your summary is the most important tool to improve your studying process. In this chapter, you will find how to write a good summary, what to take care of how to improve it while practicing. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Step 4: Your Schedule

In this chapter, the importance of a good schedule is shown. It contains advice to make your schedule realistic and shows how it can help you to stay calm during your studying process. 


Step 5 and 6: Exam preparation

You do not know how to reach your full potential during the exam? I got you! This chapter contains all the valuable experience I collected during my studies. It covers many tools that can be allowed in the exam and shows how you can use their full potential. 


Step 7: During the exam

I do not know anybody who likes exams. Therefore, this chapter contains everything I know about how to make such a situation more pleasant, avoid stress and save time.


Further improvements

This chapter covers a lot of things that can improve your success and efficiency in studying physics significantly. You will find a lot of advice on topics starting at your learning environment and reaching up to the skill to find and use the right formula. You will definitely find something new!

Image by Egor Myznik

Life Save Strategy

You are here because your exam is coming up too fast and you do not really know where to start? Here is a stand alone strategy that helped me in these situations. It will increase your chances to pass the exam by evaluating the topics that are most likely to be part of the exam. Of course, there is no guarantee for this to work, but i made good experiences with it!

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