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About Me.

My name is Noah Leuschen. I am a German physicist with big interest in renewable energy and sustainability. I studied physics and solar energy engineering in Mainz and Umea. At the age of 23 I worked on a new Photovoltaik technology at the Max-Planck institute for polymer research in Mainz during my bachelor thesis. 

Noah Leuschen Portrait

Why I wrote this eBook

When I started my studies in physics at the Johannes Gutenberg university in Mainz, it turned out that my school education in physics was way below the average. Therefore, my first year of studying was very hard and exhausting and I knew I had to change something:

I needed a study strategy! 

After many stressful exams with barely sufficient preparation, I had found a strategy which enabled me to prepare much more successfully and efficiently.  Since this time, I used this strategy in every single exam I wrote and the difference is phenomenal. I was able to improve my grades while reducing the preparation time.

Since many people struggle with physics in school and university, I decided to make this unique strategy available for everybody in an eBook. Until now, it was only possible to get the strategy in my lessons, now it is accessible through this eBook.



School education
Freie Waldorfschule Mainz

During my time at FWS Mainz I received general education. My interest for natural science was discovered early. In 2018, I was able to graduate as the second best student of the year.


Bachelor of science

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

At JGU Mainz I studied the experimental and theoretical sides of physics in lectures and lab courses. I developed my study strategy and graduated with a good grade in 2022. 


Bachelor thesis
Max-Planck institute for polymer research in Mainz

My bachelor thesis enabled me to start my first real research project in the field of Photovoltaic. Over a 12 week period, I produced so called Perovskite layers and examined their degeneration in ambient conditions.

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