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How To Study 

I have wondered about this question for years, then I found the answer and shared it here in the "How to study physics" eBook.

"The eBook offers multiple learning approaches and helps to structure the work. It is a good investment for everybody who wants to improve his/her study methods."

Simon L, Student

Do you need this eBook?

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When I started to study physics, I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the subject and the sheer amount of knowledge that was taught in the lectures. I remember this time, I was stressed, tired, and not very successful.


When I left to write my first exams, I had the feeling I knew nothing, even though I had studied a lot. Unsurprisingly, I didn't get good grades and even failed one of the exams. So I knew one thing:

I had to change my study routine and strategy if I didn't want to fail in my studies. So I started testing different ways of studying, try and error.

Now, a few years later, I look back at this dark time and wonder how I could not see all the mistakes I made. How did I think that my former approach could ever be successful? 

After finishing my bachelor's successfully and with a good grade, I started working as a private tutor and helped people in math and physics. Soon I realized: Many people are facing the exact same problems I faced when I started. And many people are making the same mistakes I made. You are probably doing some right now!


So I decided to make my strategy available for everybody and publish it as an eBook. This eBook is the "How to study physics" eBook that you can find here.

In addition to the eBook, I created a digital version of my study plan. It shows exactly when to start and what to do in order to keep up with the lectures. You can check every task you finished on the checklist.

This way, you will have an overview of your study process and can make sure to never miss a single step.

If you want to learn from my mistakes instead of repeating them, download the study plan now! It's free! 

To get the most out of it, get the free study plan together with the "How to study physics" eBook and get all the advice I can give you at once for 



No matter what you do,  I wish you good luck with your studies and good grades.  

Free reading sample!


„The eBook is a great help to structure yourself.  Moreover, it can be used in other subjects. I could find several good improvements for my exam preparation."

Andre R, Student

Key Features


Learn from years of experience

  • Skip the exhausting process of try and error


  • use strategies that have proven successful for years.  


Only 25 minutes

reading time

  • No time to read an additional 200 page e-book?

  • What about this short and concentrated work, only 10 pages but all the tools you need!


Get the most out of your tools

  • Find out how to save time by optimizing your usage of calculators, formulas and more.

  • This is a true game changer! 


Exam tomorrow?

Don´t panic!

  • The Life Save strategy shows how to deal with a very short study time.

  • If you don´t feel well prepared, just jump to the last chapter now!


Over 40 tested learning tips

  • Follow the high amount of tips to transform your study strategy and environment. 


Cheaper than ONE private lesson

  • Acquire the knowledge of private coaching for a fraction of the price!

  • The strategies in this e-book can be reapplied in all your coming exams.

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This product (e-book) contains only digital content in form of a PDF file. Access to the purchased product is granted by downloading it. 

The purchase, payment and possibly returns are executed by Digistore24. 

A return is possible up to 60 days after payment. 

All products offered on this website are meant to be used for educational purposes only and cannot guarantee any effect, especially not on grades or exam results.

The price shown does not include taxes. Taxes will be managed by Digistore24.

All content in the PDF files and on this website can be protected by copyright and cannot be further distributed. 

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